Monday, 26 March 2012

Looking down on creation

It always lifts my heart to see the hot air balloons floating over Melbourne when I drive into work. Taken on Nicholson Street, North Carlton.

The next few weeks are going to be interesting for us. Next Monday we start "packing". We have 100's of moving boxes, bubble wrap and butchers paper and it will be a week or two of just "going like hell" to get things packed.

I am still at a cross road as to whether to pack up Konstant Kaos, as I have a market on the 5th of May and it might be easier to leave her set up at Nash Street while I prepare the spaces at our new house. Settlement is after the market, so it might be nice to escape to a space where I can sew and spread my stuff out.

It might give me the opportunity to do what the people in the hot air balloons were doing this morning. Looking down on Konstant Kaos with no distractions, no kids, no internet! Just me and the machine ...

Do you take time to take stock of what you are doing?

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