Friday, 2 March 2012

Happy Birthday Nicholas

The 18th of February flew past at a rapid rate in our household. I ended up with Gastro, then Nicholas had a ruptured eardrum and then I ended up going over on my ankle at work. I think that we have had all of our 2012 health bad luck in one month! Blogging and Konstant Kaos have both taken a hit with me returning to work as well. On top of all this, we are moving house in 5 weeks ... yep, we live life to the fullest!

So I am only now getting around to posting pictures of Nicholas' First Birthday.

The fist is in the mouth because we have tooth number 9 coming through. His first two teeth fought through at 4 months and for the last 8 months it feels like he has been constantly teething.

Even though it was Nicholas' Birthday, Victoria felt that it was her duty as a big sister to help him blow out the candle. We struggled to get a picture with him and the cake because it was a "big sisters duty" to help.

After the cake was demolished he was rather happy with himself. Tremendous amounts of fun and lots of mess for Mummy and Daddy to clean up.

Mummy and Nicholas looking quite tired.

At 1 year he was 78.5cm and 10.775 kg. He is well into size 1's and is mostly wearing 18month and 2 year clothes (compared with Tori who at 4 1/2 is still wearing a size 2 skirt ...).

Such a different baby to Victoria. With Nicholas we battled through 12 months of breastfeeding. He is a lazy feeder and baby who suffered lots of respiratory problems early on in life. Since our stint at Mitcham Private Mother Baby Unit, he has been a happier baby (and a happier Mummy).

He is cruising and trying to stand by himself. We have had a few steps away from furniture, but mostly towards someone. He finds pegs fascinating and loves to hide things under the rugs and then go back for them. He is a relaxed, laid back little boy who has adjusted to childcare as if he was born into it (for that I am blessed). We are babbling and every so often we hear Dadda and Mamma, although not with much intention.

I'm looking forward to the move and getting back my sewing "happy" space. Crafting is mostly limited to playing around with Jewelry at the moment due to space restrictions. My creative space at the moment is developing curriculum for my Year 7 and Year 11 classes!

Next Birthday will be my 40th in 5 weeks time *gulp*

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