Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sisters Stash

I am waiting for cookie dough to harden in the freezer, so I thought I had better do a post about the Sisters Market yesterday. The day was quieter than I have ever seen the market, but I did ok, especially since it was the middle of winter!

I had a rack to put things on, but there was no space either side, so the rack went behind and was used as a storage device. I put a few bags on the table for people to look at and tried to display things behind the stall.

The most popular product of the day was .... pirate baby bibs .. go figure. They walked out the door. So I might have to do more bibs and some pirate screen printed tops for the kids for the next market.

The lovely Jay had a stall opposite me, knitting away and selling lots of stuff. Beky and Jennie visited to say hello and when Andreas came in for my lunch break, I managed to do the rounds and buy a few treasures.

Firstly a gorgeous illustration that we will frame and maybe put in Tori's room by Elise Hurst, I got some fabric from the lovely PippiJoe and a lovely crafty necklace from Lauren Williams. Overall a good experience, the next market is Made n Thornbury and after that Northside Makers in Northcote (Beky has blogged about it).


CurlyPops said...

That Elise Hurst illustration is just beautiful. I had my eye on one of those too.

Lauren said...

Thanks Margaret! Lovely meeting you. Hope you enjoy wearing your necklace :-)