Sunday, 30 August 2009

Adventures in Daylesford

We headed off for Daylesford quite early this morning, on a mission to check out the Overwrought security doors for the front of our house in Northcote. We had been meaning to order a security door for ages, but neither of us liked the idea of a door that made us feel like we were in a prison.

I stumbled across Overwrought when looking at a makers market homepage a while back. I liked the idea of the wren door and the shadows that it would cast down the hall way in the afternoons when the sun went down.

We headed off early, had the most yummy lunch at the Farmers Arms Hotel. I ordered their Beef Curry and Jasmine Rice. Absolutely delicious ....

Then drove up and checked out and ordered our gorgeous door (to be delivered in 4 - 6 weeks). We followed this with a stroll through 6 degree freezing Daylesford to check out the quirky antique and bric brac shops. Parked near one of the shops was this decrepid Morris Minor Series II sedan.

Complete with moss, spiders webs and weathered crap. But she was still running with new rego plates.

Makes me want to trundle around in my Morris some time this week.

Hoping that our next visit to Daylesford will coincide with their next Makers Market.

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