Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Pencil Case for Tori

In a month my little girl will turn two and I have no idea where the two years went since her birth. She is a real person now, talking, singing and of course displaying the famous Lawson temper!

Her Oma has been on at me to make her a pencil case. So tonight I grabbed some fabric I bought a few weeks back, some left over micro-cord and an old dodgy zip and voila!

Align Center

The pencil case has a strap that she can pull across to open or close. Inside there is matching lining as well!

I have uploaded some of my other pencil case designs to my etsy shop. Yipee!


Jennie said...

Oh that's so cute! The design works perfectly for the pencil case shape.

Beky said...

Love, love and double love it!
Great photo of Tori.

Kylie said...

Lovely!! Have you got any fabric left? Can I order one for Hannah?

Suze said...

How cute! love the japanese fabric

Nikki said...

It just took a little bit of pushing from Oma! It's very cool how the strap opens the zipper. Good for little fingers.

Margaret said...

Thank-you for all your lovely comments. I have some teal and red micro cord, so I am going to try and make a few pencil cases this weekend and also some lunchbags. The fabric is just so cute and I can't remember where I got it from!