Saturday, 8 August 2009

Craft Hatch

Off into the city this morning to take a look at Craft Hatch on at the City Library in Flinders Street. Jennie Barnes from Cravings Frocks will have her wonderful W Class Tram cushions for sale ... you must visit her!

Image via Cravings Frocks

Will be taking my enviro KeepCup for a spin to see how people respond to filling the plastic cup. I have to be home by 12.30, but hopefully time to visit a few shops and maybe even stick my head into Mattt Bags and Meet me at Mikes on the way home.


Jennie said...

Do you get the Saturday Age? A2, page 6 makes it sound like Craft Hatch is All About Me. Don't know if it was influenced by the press release my friend forwarded to the A2 editor last week, or if I just stood out in Craft Vic's publicity material, but I am feeling the love! And made a fortune today, more than my other three markets put together.

Jodie said...

Sounds like a great day planned!

Ange Moore said...

I'm in Tassie and wanting to buy one of those w-class tram cushions and the links to Jennie's blog are going nowhere. Has she been overwhelmed with her "Age" write-up? If you have contact details or know the name of her etsy shop I'd be eternally greatful (as would me 88 year old grandma I'm wanting to get a cushion for)! Thanks.