Monday, 3 August 2009

Music Monday

I thought I might do this every Monday, share a CD that I have come to love or one that holds special memories for me.

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So why don't I start with Radiohead OK Computer. I have two memories with this album, the first is that it was a dear friend that recommended the album to me, Michael who lives in London. We see him every few years when he returns to Australia or when we go over to Europe. We used to spend lots of time with him and his friends and red wine down at his grandparents beach house on the back beach of Rye, looking out over the ocean. Many good memories.

The second memory is that it was one of the CD's (yes I had a discman then) that I took with me when I went to Japan with NEC on an Education Schools tour many moons ago. I remember listening to the album while zipping along in a Japanese bullet train, Paranoid Android blaring in my ears ... watching a foreign land zip past me. The last time I was in Japan was when I was 5 months pregant with Tori, visiting my brother on his first Japan teaching contract.

OK Computer is one of those albums that you need to listen to in order (I believe). It just doesn't seem to work on random and when one song pops up on iTunes, I always feel the need to listen to the album from the start. Some interesting versions of the album are floating around the net ... OKX: A tribute to OK Computer is an interesting one to start with. Enjoy!

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