Monday, 10 August 2009

Roaming the City

I managed to steal a few hour on Saturday to visit Cravings Frocks in at Craft Hatch and stroll through the city for an hour or so.

Although the Craft Hatch stalls were tucked away in the City Library they were easy enough to find and an interesting selection of crafts were on display. The lovely Miss Jennie was there with her W Class Tram Cushions proudly on display. I believe it was a fabulous day for her!

Andreas dropped me in at Lonsdale Street and I found that one of my favourite shoe shops had closed it's doors :( Wandered through the retail sector to Flinders Lane. The barista at Brunetti's was interested in the Keep Cup and I ended up chatting to them about all things coffee and environmental ... and then I eventually wandered down to Craft Hatch.

On the way back I walked up back through Central Lane and there was a lovely four piece band playing. I should have gotten a card for future reference! Central Lane is very Melbourne; Graffiti, coffee, fashionista's and a busking band!

I managed to visit Studio Sale Level 2 of the Nicholas Building where Peta Pledger and Sew Your Own had tables of crafty goodness. Managed to get some material offcuts that will probably be made into a quilt at some point.

I then had a rare moment, I caught a tram home by myself with a book .... wow!

Now, after my Monday morning blog read and post, time for playgroup where hopefully Tori will wear herself out and sleep today ... lately she hasn't been wanting to sleep in the afternoons, which means that I get no sewing or crafting done when she is with me. At the moment she screaming around the back room on her tractor truck ...


Jennie said...

I realised when I put together my day-that-was post, that you've got the only photo of my new dress! Glad to hear you made it to the Studio Sale. I was very grumpy that I was literally down the street from it and couldn't get there.

By the way, I am having so much trouble commenting on your blog (and a few other Blogspot ones). I write my comment, click Post, then it sits there for minutes waiting for a confirmation code to generate. I usually have to give up, reload, and start all over again. Stupid Blogspot.

Original Mischief said...

Just found your blog... love it! ♥

Sharon~Two Bits Patches said...

That's a great photo of Jennie, I will add it to my collection.