Monday, 17 August 2009

Snooch aka Caramon

It has just passed a year since our lovely Boris passed away, our Russian Blue vagabond that we loved so well. I searched my blog to see if I had mentioned him and I hadn't :(

He was with us for just over 10 years, we opened our doors to him when he needed a home. The vet estimated that he was about 18 years old. He loved Anastasia and they got along so well. He was a slut and would give *everyone* lots of love whenever he could. It was quite obvious when he was deteriorating, his rapid decline happened over 4 weeks and he passed away in our arms on the kitchen floor.

So I had a shed a tear when my husband told me tonight that Snooch aka Caramon from Two Lumps passed away a few days ago. Pictures of snooch and the cartoon itself reminds me so much of Boris. It still feels surreal when I come home and I realise that he is not with us anymore, he was such a large part of our lives. I have a few more pictures of him on my livejournal scrapbook.

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Unknown said...

oh - i'm crying a little bit too now :(

(the photo of your guy isn't showing up BTW)