Wednesday, 5 August 2009

My Gocco!

Finally got around to uploading my screen printed tops to etsy ... you know what they say, people can't buy my products if they don't know they are there. Rather than upload according to sizes, I did a general "this is the top" upload and ask people to conversation me to check on sizes.

I am quite proud of how they look, I have only done one in each size to see how they go. I still have some blank tops that I wanted to screen print for Made n Thornbury, but I am still deciding on the designs. I want to do a dinosaur one and a girly girl one. I still like the idea of doing them gender neutral, although most people assume that I have had a boy due to all the black in my work.

As for the base garment, I decided to go with the American Apparel brushed cotton tops. Tori had been given one after she was born and she grew out of it before she wore it out. I went for the high quality rather than the cheapness, which is why they are $30 each. Which I still think is an OK price for something that is lovingly hand screen printed ....

I used the borrowed Gocco machine (thanks Jane!) to do these. When I first spoke to the guys at Deans Art, they recommended using Permaset as the screen printing ink. But subsequent experimentation revealed that Derivan Screen Ink seemed to work better with the stencils. I buy the ink from Deans art in Brunswick as the Fitzroy store doesn't seem to have that type of ink.

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Jennie said...

I thought it was Fitzroy that had the good paint?