Saturday, 14 November 2009

Borders therapy

The husband was given a Borders book voucher as a gift for being a guest speaker, so we headed to Borders in Carlton for a bit of retail therapy.

I bought Handmade in Melbourne and Jane Austen's Sewing Box.

It is freaky reading through Handmade in Melbourne and knowing that you have met a few of the artists highlighted. Looking at how crafty Melbourne people are is truely inspirational. I'd love to think that my work might be in this book someday, but sometimes I think that my stuff is a bit too practical and not enough "arty". I might have to start designing my own fabric methinks ...

Jane Austen's Sewing Box has lots of stories and incidental patterns and inspirations from the regency period and Jane Austen's books. I have already earmarked a few projects, just need to nut through how they might work with skull fabric ;-)

It was a hard decision to make, I had to choose two books, but next time, I hope to pick up Kelly Doust's "the crafty minx". Some great projects in there, I love the subtext - "creative recycling and handmade treasures".

Another book that I flipped through was the "Made in France: Linen and Thread" by Monique Lyonnet. A gorgeous book.

I love clicking through blogs and have a quite extensive blogroll, but I also love taking time out to read through a well compiled craft book with beautiful pictures and lucious text.

Borders have quite a good range or craft books, some along and check them out at the Borders Craft Fair on 7th December @ 7pm!


Vic said...

Oooh yeah, there is nothing like a bit of Borders thearapy! (Unless you work there... which I used to do...! Ah, who am I kidding, I loved it...)

That Crafty Minx book looks tres awesome... I think I will have to check that out! (Hurray for Borders online now, Boo for no staff discount!!!)

Jennie said...

ARSE I intended to buy Jane Austen's Sewing Box in the UK where books are incredibly cheap. Can't believe I forgot! Will have to get MIL to send it over for my birthday.