Thursday, 12 November 2009

Fabric Obsession

I got through some nice fabrics from the Halloween sales around the net. Most of the fabrics are only a metre in length, so I will have to choose my projects wisely!

bought from Melladoree on etsy

I am sure to have plenty of skull stuff for the up and coming Christmas markets ... but not too much!

bought from McKains Quilting Fabrics

I only got a metre of the "bat" fabric, is is so delicate and it needs to be used on something delicate ... just have to think what. I got two metres of the bodice fabric, so I might make a bag or two or some wardrobe potpourri bags ...

I buy most of my fabrics retail and I notice that not a lot of the good quirky designs make their way to Australia. There was one fabric that I tried to hunt up and I even contacted the distributors and they said that none was shipped to Australia at all!

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Finki said...

luv, luv, luv that bodice fabric...