Thursday, 26 November 2009

Rain, rain ...

via triniti101

Feeling a bit apprehensive about my market tonight ... we have an outside stall under a marquee ... it will certainly be an adventure. While the idea of more floorspace and hanging space appealed to me, I am now doubting my decision. I am sharing my stall with Finki Handmade.

So what does my list look like at the moment ...

Raincoat (check)
Money for hot chocolate (check)
Umbrella (check)
Humor (check)
Stock that will survive downpours or stock in plastic bags (check)

The positive thing is that if the weather get's it's rain out of it's system then the saturday market might not be that much of a washout ...

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CurlyPops said...

Eeeek! I was thinking about you thismorning while I was lying in bed listening to the rain. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for no more more rain after 3PM.