Friday, 20 November 2009

Camberwell Market

The family made it down to Camberwell Market last Sunday and picked up a few odds and ends. Jennifer from The Mark Makers had 10% for Northside Makers Members, so that was motivation enough to get out of bed and out of the house at an ungodly time!

I bought a few patterns to make some summer dresses for Tori, an Aztec book for $2 (my Humanities kids are doing Ancient Civilizations) and a shadow box for $5 ...

Rather pleased with my shadow box, which will magically turn into a prop for my market stall! While strolling around the market a number of stall owners asked me where I got it from.

Voila! With stock! It fits my coin purses and pendants rather nicely. A few adjustments with some foam will stop them sliding under the particians and lots of space out the front to put price signs.

Close up! The big question is, should I paint it black or red?
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Karen said...

Actually, if it was me, I'd leave it the natural wood colour. Your stock stands out nicely against it. If it was painted black or red I think your goods would just blend into it and not be so striking.

Beky said...

I think paint it red and the edging black for a contrast.

Nikki said...

I'd go for red.... Now, aren't you glad you asked us?

Love those little dress patterns.