Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Thea and Sami

I received a package with free fabric from Thea and Sami! Very excited! *shhh* I actually received it a few weeks back, but I am only now blogging about it! Tsk, Tsk!

Thea and Sami, are based in Brisbane and hand screen print their own range of delicious fabrics.

So what should I make? There is enough green fabric for me to do something special for Tori with it, perhaps with some matching hand embroidery.

As for the fishes, I might just have to make a few of them with magnets for our fridge. I can imagine a range of magnet softies .... seaweed ... fishies.... star fish!

Although the fishies did come with instructions, I have never been the sort of person that would be a good pattern tester. I cut out the bits and then work out how they go together!

Thea and Sami have got quite a few fabrics on my wish list ...

I love this fabric with the margarite daisy on it. Printed on black linen, I can see this becoming a lovely handbag or pillow.

This fretwork pattern is lovely as well. Comes in red and green and would make an interesting contrasting fabric for a quilt.

Check out their blog, they have some interesting links and news about where they sell their fabric packs.


Missymaomao said...

Nice fabrics I'll have to check them out.

I've awarded you the Kreative blog award.

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SLAP Cosmetics said...

I love love love the last one you posted! If they are doing their on fabrics i may have to contact them about a SLAP fabric -- I've been thinking of how I can adapt your work with my logo and this could be the answer -- I'll be in touch :)

SLAP Cosmetics said...

Wow, I need to learn proofreading and I need a new keyboard!!

Thea said...

Glad that you are enjoying your goodies. Looking forward to seeing the finished products!