Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Borders Craft Fair

After a slow start, the Konstant Kaos Christmas craft fairs are starting to come together. It will be a busy season, with teaching and juggling Tori, but hopefully worth it.

The latest one through is a new initiative from Borders in Carlton. I think the best bit about this fair is that we can wander through Borders and spend our earnings ... or maybe not! Borders are keen to support crafty peeps and encourage local groups to meet at their Gloria Jeans cafe for coffee and craft.

This is a lovely intimate craft fair and I am excited about the range of designers that they have lined up;First Morning Textiles, Cat McInnes, CSerpent Art, Mrs Beckinsale, Finki Handmade, Found n Bound, Betty and Hamish, Our Sweet William, Konstant Kaos, Made by Sarah.

So come along and enjoy the twilight (not in the horrible movie sense) craft fair and support Borders in this wonderful initiative.

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Beky said...

Oooo I'm going to see if I can get mum to come along. Good luck with the Borders Craft Fair. Sounds great.