Monday, 14 June 2010

June Craft Hatch

A very cold day was spent inside at the very warm City Library. Even though I was dressed in far too many layers, within about 15 minutes of setting up I realised that being on the gallery level of the City Library meant toasty!

I managed to bring along my new Ikea hat stand to hang my bags on which left more table space to layout my quilts on what I previously used for bags and tops. I sold enough for it to be worthwhile, although I felt that my textile based craft was a bit pedestrian compared with the arty crafty stuff of the design students that were there.

I had my back to the banister which ran along the gallery level, an ideal spot to sit my quilts as I worked on them. Lots of interest in the red and white one with top stitching. I managed to finish the binding on the quilt that will go to my neighbour who is due in 3 weeks time and do a bit of embroidery as well.

One of my neighbours was Nancy Girl. She made these divine iPhone pouches from leather that she had carved a picture onto and then coloured by hand. Very Northside!

On the other side of me was the very lovely, and very pregnant Mrs Beckinsale with one of her new tram design cushions. I love the geometric prints that she is now using.

Another Northside Gal Flickettysplits ... back in one piece from the Northern Territory.

These great lamps. You can buy them blank or with an image on them. I was dreaming of a Totoro one for Tori's room ... (when I find her card I will put a link in!)

And Sandra Eterovic with her gorgeous illustrations ..

My plastic tubs are still in the hall way waiting on being unpacked and stored away for the next Market in two weeks time on Sunday 27th June, North Melbourne Market run by Thread Den. Hoping to get a few more quilts done, bags and some larger "nappy" bags as well.

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Jennie said...

I was going to complain about the unflattering photo of me, but it seems your camera treated everyone equally!