Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Sprout Blocks for Paintbox Quilt

Managed to get another batch of blocks done for Tori's Paintbox quilt. The deadline is looming ... September 16th is her 3rd Birthday and I want to get it done by then. I still have to sash each piece and I have ordered minimum of Kona White and Snow to see which one matches my colour scheme from Pink Chalk Fabrics.

If you have ever worked with the Kona brand of solids, you'll understand why I am going for the more expensive materials for Tori's quilt. Lovely quality, tight weave and it just triumphs all over the "homespun" that you normally purchase for patchworking.

The material for these blocks are an Australian designer, Sprout Designs. A bit on the expensive side but good quality printing and fabric, and so a "joy" to work with.

The Sprout toy bikes were easy to work with, evenly spaced and I have lots of fabric left over from a 25cm cut to do other things with. I matched this print with some Kona Indigo, nice and dark and almost black.

The Sprout Owls in a Row were a bit more fiddly, but I think that the blocks worked out well. Again, enough to make a pillow with from the minimum yardage that I purchased.

The giraffe's were a pain to do. The design was probably much too large for the Paintbox Blocks and I had to do lots of fussy cutting because the design is so large. Not sure I am happy with the block on the right .. but I will hang it up on my bookcase and look at it for a few days before I decide to un-stitch.

I'm thinking that when I get her quilt done, I might do a little mini-quilt from the Sprout fabric for the shop.

I purchased all my Sprout Design fabrics from the lovely ladies at Kelani Fabric (fast service!). And my Kona Solid Jelly Rolls originally came from the Fat Quarter shop ages ago!

I also managed to chase down a Kona Solids Color Card, so I am hoping that it arrives soon so that I can start to colour match some of the harder prints that I have for the Paintbox quilt.

Nearly there ... such a long project, but it is going to be so worthwhile to see her face on her birthday (crosses fingers that I get it done by then).


Thea said...

I think the giraffes look fine. I especially like how you made the two look like they're in a window. It all looks good!

Crafty Maine Mom said...

The giraffe on the right might get his nose stuck in the 1/4 inch seam when you sew the blocks together.

Unknown said...

What? She only just turned 2!!!

Sandra Eterovic said...

I can imagine that some of them would be quite fiddly to match, but they look gorgeous, Margaret!

ZippyZippy said...

This quilt is going to look fantastic! I love it