Friday, 4 June 2010

Vintage print Baby Quilt

I grabbed one of the Jelly Rolls that Spotlight had on sale this week, VIP customers of course. The rolls are $30 reduced to $20, 25 strips of 2.5 inch wide strips.

Until now, all I have sewn with has been Moda Jelly Rolls; High Quality stuff. Unfortnately, these rolls are not quite on the same level. The material is a bit thin, the 2.5 inch width is skewed at the start and middle of the sash and I am a bit nervous how it will wash up. The label says to pre-wash the fabric.

The quilt is for a friend who is due in about 4 weeks, not sure what she is having, so it needed to be something gender neutral. I decided to do an off centre block, inspired by Oh! Fransson of course! When cutting and pressing, the fabric was a bit difficult to work with. Not as easy at the moda pre-cuts. I am going to try and do some postage stamp blocks to see how it handles with interfacing.

I sashed the blocks in a high thread count white. I am going to try and find a complimentary print for the back of the quilt and I have some light blue strips strips for the bias.


Karen said...

I bought two of those rolls a few weeks ago, bummed they are now on sale!! (specially since I haven't used them yet) Oh, well.

Disappointed to hear that they are not great quality. Are you going to prewash the quilt top now it is made, before you finish up the quilt?

Mandy said...

I was suckered into buying some as well, can't go past a fabric bundle me!! So I'm very interested in how it turns out for you, I haven't opened my pack yet. Thanks for posting about it.

Nikki said...

Love the colours!! Hope it all comes together well for you.

Clair said...

I don't think I'd like to pre-wash one of those jelly rolls, I'd be afraid of all the fraying that may happen.
But don't worry about shrinkage as it'll just go with the lovely vintage look of the fabric.

Anonymous said...

I love it! The colors are perfect for a boy or a girl!