Thursday, 3 June 2010

Avignon quilt update

I've been hand quilting the Avignon quilt that I have been working on. Most of it was done during the Eurovision Semi-Finals!

I ended up getting a yard of the cream print to back the quilt, and I might do the binding in the same colour, not sure yet.

I still haven't decided what type of machine quilting I will do, tossed up between following the theme of squares or just machine quilting the white sections of the quilt. I am not sure yet.

The quilt ended up a bit smaller than the other baby quilts I made, by an inch. But it is still a good size.

I think that the white top stitching, inspired by Patch Andi, really sets off the squares.

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Karen said...

What thread/needle did you use for the hand quilting? I have my first hand quilting project sitting at home waiting for some inspiration but haven't considered thread/needle combinations yet... still trying to decide on a stitch pattern ;)