Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Look what the Express Post guy brought!

I hope I am not going to be shot for posting this, but look what the Express post guy brought to my house yesterday!

"Firsts" for the new Unit 1 and 2 text book for next year. Excitement plus!

They have sent through the whole book and although I have only written one chapter, they like the authors to read through the whole book for continuity.

I have just under two weeks to make any edits and followup on editorial comments and then post it back. I wonder if the process for a craft book is any different?


Ping said...

Congratulations! The book looks fantastic.

Are these first pages?

The process depends on the publisher, but in most cases authors get to see first pages, sometimes second pages. It's a balance between making sure everything is correct and avoiding expensive changes.

Let me know if you need a good indexer ;)

Liesl said...

How exciting!

(Hopefully you will get Educational Lending Rights, which can sometimes be even better than royalties)