Thursday, 1 January 2009

Creative Inspiration for 2009

2008 has been a year of creative awakening for me. Not sure if it was as the result of having my daughter, or actually having the time and space to be creative. Normally I am so busy with teaching and "life" that often I denied myself the indulgence of creativity. Anyway, hopefully 2009 will be as creative as 2008.

I want to try my hand at (too) many crafty things this year:
  • Resin casting. Two of my girlfriends have fabulous ideas for resin goodness. My husband does a lot of model casting, so he has the chemical knowledge ... I have the ideas. I want try my hand at making pendants and badges, initially for my inlaws business "Rocks on Fire".
  • Digital printing of material . I definitely want to get some funky Konstant Kaos designed fabric printed off at Spoonflower. I hear that the quality is good ...
  • I'd love to try my hand at Screen printing or Print Gocco. I have plenty of ideas for screen printing kids wear (or material). The idea of textile design excites me!
To motivate me in this quest, I am hoping to book in for a few markets now before I start back at work part time in mid January. That way I'll have to do them!

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