Friday, 9 January 2009

Birthday presents for Heike

It has been a while since I have posted and my fingers are raw from the sewing I am doing!

My lovely mother-in-law had her birthday earlier in the week and I made some gifts for her. Firstly, my father-in-law bought a custom money bag from my etsy store (naughty Opa!).

To make it more femine, I put the D-rings at the top of the bag and the inside of the money pouch was done in a space fabric (to match the business). I also made a strap as well (as seen in my etsy store)

It also has one of those hidden compartments for money and a pouch for coins.

I also made her a tote with "Oma" on it and Tori gave it to her as a present. The material I got from spotlight and is a Camel print, as she likes camels.

The inside has some pockets for mobiles and other things as well. Lined with a cotton to match the Camels on the front.
We also got her a nice bottle of wine, and looking at the pathetic brown paper bag that it sat in, I quickly whipped up a wine bag to carry it in. I quilted the inside so as you can keep the bottles of wine cool during transporting. The material at the bottom of the bag is the Ume Komachi dobby fabric that I have made some things from.

Phew! Now on with the sewing for the online shop!

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