Saturday, 17 January 2009

New Baby Shoes!

I am busy building up stock so that when I go back to teaching next week part time, I can focus on that for a few weeks.

I have just uploaded the following to my Konstant Kaos Etsy Shop.

The fabric that I used for these pirate soft shoes (0 - 6 months) was one of the first lengths of fabric I bought last year when I started making things for babies.

Initially I had the idea that the fabric would be a bib and I made a few for friends, but the fabric looked a lot cuter when it is on a pair of shoes!

This fabric is rather nice. It looks aboriginal-esque in style. The name of the fabric is boomerang and I have a pair of (6-12 months) available in these. Last year I did a boomerang gift set for a customer.

The last pair I uploaded is by far the most popular style for boys. Airforce Soft Shoes (12-18months). I made this size large because they look so cute on a walking babbling little toddler!

Enough for now!

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Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous, oh dear more etsy shopping bekons.