Friday, 9 January 2009

Baby wraps

I can't believe that it has been almost 16 months since my little girl looked like this ....

... it just seems like a distant memory when I look at this in the back seat of the car!

She has been the constant inspiration for many of my sewing adventures as of late, and about 6 months ago I pondered the idea of hand stamped baby swaddles. I hunted out a stamp of a bee and thus the "Buzzy Bee Baby Wrap" was born. I have made a handful of these swaddles and they have either been gifts or I have sold them to friends.

But over the last few days I have longed for an inner harmony and I found myself again wanting to stamp fabric. Reality is that I would also love to screen print, digital print and do all sorts of things to fabric (ooh!) ... but we are going back to work in two weeks time :-(

So ... I have been busy hand stamping baby swaddles and I have finally uploaded them onto my etsy store. I am selling them for $30 AU or $21USD per item. They are all hand made and the fabric dyes survive a 30 degree warm wash quite nicely (although it is always better to hand wash in cool water for prolonged life).

Lets start with the most radical wrap. Reactions to the Black spiders web wrap at the Northcote Christmas Market was quite interesting. People didn't quite know what to think of it! (And yes that it my daugthers life sized newborn that her Oma gave to her)

What do you think? A bit too black? I wish I had this when my daughter was born! Maybe the white version looks better?

This White spiders web wrap looks clean and crisp and works well over the pram on a hot day as well!

Then I started playing around with cherry blossom stamps and came up with this.

The pattern uses a really cute little cherry blossom stamp as the eye for a skull! I'd love to develop this idea a bit more and get some fabric printed off through Spoonflower.

Then I started thinking of how mothers actually use baby wraps. And yes they start off as a swaddling tool and then they end up over the pusher to help the baby sleep. So this one has snaps at two of the corners so that you can do that easily.

Phew! What a long post. Kick on over to my etsy store and check out the other things that I make.

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Anonymous said...

love the black, the inner geek/devil in me would have a baby wrapped in that. Who needs blues and pinks!