Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Passion for Fabric

I have a passion for fabric. I get excited by the texture, the colours and the way that it hangs in my hand. I love taking an idea from concept through to product with the aid of beautiful fabrics.

For a while I have been secretly lusting after the opportunity to do some screen printing. I have played around with a Gocco, but it is nothing compared to what other talented ladies.

On Saturday Beky and I went off to take a peak at the Ink & Spindle studio in Kensington. What can I say, it took my breath away. The large workbench, the screens, the designs. I would love to have the opportunity to print my own fabric by hand. There is something very primal about printing the fabric and then using it.

Another Aussie fabric producer is Thea & Sami. Thea recently sent me a lovely email to say that she was reading my blog and she had signed up as a follower. I spent *ages* on her site taking a look at all the lovely fabrics that she has screen printed. I look foward to purchasing some via her store.

I know that the CAE in Melbourne do some screen printing workshops and also the Olive Grove on Sydney Road. Do you know of any other place that does workshops?


Nicole said...

I'm so tempted to sign up to one of the CAE's courses now - I've done a bit of screen printing but doing a whole lot of fabric and then making it into stuff would be wonderful!

Finki said...

I've been hankering to do screen printing for sooooo long. If you do decide on a course I'd love to come too. I only know of olive grove, I hadn't seen the CAE one. I'd like to learn how to expose screens too, not just stencil cutting. If I see other courses I'll let you know.

Annette Piper said...

If you've been lusting after it, then you really must do it!!!