Thursday, 25 June 2009

As cute as a button

I have busily working away building my product range for the up and coming Sonny and Coco Market at Preston Town Hall on the 5th July.

One of the things that I hate is waste. Making these cute little button hair ties was one way to use up all those scraps that I have been hording. After my last market, I realised that I need more at the $3 - $15 price point. So I have been busy and the tips of my fingers are raw from wrapping fabric around metal bits.

This morning I took delivery of my new MOO business cards, this time they have Konstant*Kaos down the bottom so that I can use them for pendants, hair ties or hair clips. A hole punch here and a hole punch there and voila!

The problem I have now is which ones am I keeping for myself? or Tori?


JulesQuilts said...


Finki said...

Very cool, they look fab. I love that there are a few of us now using covered buttons as a medium. The excellent thing is that each of us have such a distinctive style,these are very Konstant Kaos.

Nikki said...

Great idea with the Moo cards.... and now you know what to do with the boxes, right?

Lovely to see you today!

Le Bec said...

I'd keep the the red skull one.