Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Grannies make fashion headlines

My mother came across this Gem while looking in her favourite Op Shop. My mother has this superpower that allows her to find the most amazing things in her favourite second hand shops.

A 1978 publication from Connecticut in the US, this Today's Woman publication shows how Granny Squares can be applied to just about anything. From jumpers, table cloths and bags. The inspiration is endless!

Laughingly, my husband commented that he wanted me to make him a Granny Pullover ... I haven't even finished Tori's Technicolour Granny (but I am close, one more TV evening and it will be done!). He'd better watch what he wishes for!

This little girl has the look of "kill me now" ...

Or how about these, I am tempted after the blanket to try and whip up a jumper for Tori. Might have to make another trip to Camberwell Market to the Yarn guy to get some super soft Marino wool.

Ah! If only I had another 10 hours in the one day, so that I could make more things!


Jemma. said...

Awesome! Though I think the mens granny pull over is nicer than the ladies one!

Finki said...

there are some gorgeous things in there, I love the poncho.