Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Copyright Infringement

The lovely Beky at Pivotal Xpressions pointed me in the direction of this post about Copyright Infringement by Diva against indi crafters selling their goods though Shana Logic.

It seems that the people at Diva, would think nothing of just copying someone's design.

I know that there are people out there in the crafty world who think nothing of just copying someones idea. They trawl through the crafty markets on the weekend looking for the next hot thing to rip off. I try to be meticulous in keeping sketchbooks and a "prototype" box full of all the mistakes I have made. If I were ever questioned, I would hand these over as my proof of product development.


Thea said...

Yes, it's a good idea to keep a record of your product development. I do that too. I hate these companies that mass-produced cheap items. I imagine that none of them pay for original design.

Jennie said...

They openly steal people's designs? What trashy behaviour!

I had a good hard think about this issue with my Myki Pouches, and decided that putting evidence of my design on my blog as soon as I made them was more useful as proof of the timing of my idea, than risking someone copying it. I want to claim the idea as early as possible because I'm sure dozens of crafters will independently think of the same thin once Myki is released, and I want to show I didn't copy them.

Tania said...'re just going to start getting me all feisty-like. The whole copyright issue is a fraught one (and I try not to let my blood boiil). Well done on the 'record-keeping'.