Monday, 1 June 2009

Amitie, otherwise known as quilters heaven

I joined the Amitie VIP Blog list.

If you haven't been to Amitie, you need to visit them in Bentleigh. The.most.gorgeous.fabrics! Worth the experience to trek over that side of town. I always spend too much when I go there.

But I thought I would join up not just because it will generate traffic for my blog and hopefully business, but because I get little presents in the mail every quarter. The best kind of presents ... random fabric presents. It costs $30 a year and you get 10% off when you spend money at either their physical shop or online.

I might have to have a few trips out to Bentleigh after work. So if you have a blog, check it out.

1 comment:

La Gitan Mystique said...

It sounds like a great shop, and a lot of fun you signed up for. Enjoy it all! Try not to spend to much even with the discount.