Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Black Gingham Fabric Box

I am deep in thought over the layout of my next Market Stall, which is Sonny and Coco on the 5th of July. The Business Mum's Network Conference that I went to last weekend gave me plenty of food for thought on how I should be displaying my products for maximum effect. Even though I love to futz around in my sewing room, the reality is that I want to make a business out of what I am doing.

I have been looking for containers to put my handmade products in, frustrated by the fact that none of them were the right size or shape. Inspired by Oh Fransson post on nesting and stacking fabric blocks, I decided to try my hand at making one.

Armed with just some black/white gingham which I bought at Camberwell Market a few months back and some black cotton drill, this is what I made.This fabric box will be used to store my pouches in. It has a PVC pocket in the front to hold a sign (at the moment it has just STUFF in it!).


Jennie said...

I spent a good part of today searching for 'craft market stall' on Flickr and saving anything that had cushions in it.

I've got a beautiful idea for a stall centrepiece, but alas I do not own any woodworking tools.

I did come up with one practical and achievable idea which I'm looking forward to trying out though.

polly pratt said...

The box looks fantastic. I will see you tomorrow at Nikki`s.