Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Yummy Scones

Tori has taken to sitting at the kitchen bench for her breakfast and lunch. Often if she wants something to eat she will climb up on the stool and sit there hitting the bench as if to say 'I'm here now, you can feed me!".

I snapped this one on Friday afternoon when she got home from child care. Earlier that day I had made some "Scones in a Hurry" for Nikki's Bloggy morning tea and so when she got home and climbed the stool there was scones there for her to eat. I haven't been taking enough pictures and footage lately. It isn't that the novelty of being a mum has worn off, just that I find myself being pulled in several directions since I returned to work.

It is hard to get Tori to smile sometimes, but we do a little routine where we go "tongue" and we stick out our tongue, "teeth" and we all grin and show our teeth, and then "kisses" and we get kisses. It was more of a strategy to see what teeth she had so that we could brush them. But now we use it for pictures. Mind you I had to take 10 pictures to get this one!

I felt the need to post a picture of her today. Today has not been as productive as it should have been and I found myself stumbling onto a number of blogs, one in particular Bad Mummy. Flipping back through the posts there was one about a brave little girl called Maddie that passed away last April. Tori about is the same age as Maddie and I just want to hug her today, but she is at her grandparents on a Tuesday. The day is going so slowly!

Her mothers blog has a number of links about how you can help to support the family and I am amazed at how the Blog-sphere has banded together to support them. Technology used for retail aims such as paypal has been used to support the grieving parents and sites such as Mommy blips also has an official page on the blog posts made for Maddie.

My prayers are with her family at this hard time.


Essbie said...
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Essbie said...

(Oops, sorry about the mistake above)
What a sweetie. Thats a very cute picture!
And you inspired me to make some scones this evening :)