Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Scottish Connections

As some of you may know, my roots are in Scotland. I was born there in 1972 and we emigrated to Australia in June 1975, Mum, Dad and I. So whilst I have no accent left, I do hold a soft spot for Scotland. I love my kilts and more importantly, I love neat Single Malt.

In the last week, I sent off my biggest order so far to Scotland. A combination of custom bags, pouches and some pendants. Packed neatly into a nice box and off they went.

I experimented with the packaging for the pendants that Andreas and I are making. Not sure if they will be a permanent fixture, but we are enjoying the creative process.

Tonight I spent some time drafting the patterns for and making the first of my range of kilts for the up and coming markets. The top bit of the kilt is meant to be worn under something. A simple cotton top and the bottom is a cotton/poly blend tartan -very easy to wash.

I have three different "tartans". One is a Black Stewart, and the other two are modern tartans red/gold and black/silver. I have hand pleated the kilts and pressed them with a chemical cloth. The design is a traditional wrap around design with the front panel being flat rather than pleated.

There is nothing nicer than a little girl (or boy) in a kilt. Now, can I get a pair of New Rocks to fit Tori? I have put the kilt up on etsy. Expensive, but all handpleated and pressed, it took me ages!


Jennie said...

Putting a top on a kilt is totally inspired - such a practical idea for what's normally a fiddly bit of clothing. Love it!

I had two genius new product ideas last night, and unfortunately lay awake for hours thinking about them. :-)

Finki said...

I love the packaging for your necklaces, they look so professional.Your new kilts are fab too.

Margaret said...

Finki, the only problem with the packaging is the cost, a bit more than a nicely stamped tag. Not sure whether I will go with that as pendants are not my core business.

Nikki said...

Loving the pendants... and the kilts. My mum used to dress me in kilts like that when I was a kid. I hated them at the time but I look at photos and think how sweet they look....

Unknown said...

Love kilts on kids. My Dad brought back one just like this from Scotland a couple of weeks ago for Clara.