Sunday, 28 June 2009

July Giveaway

I have some scraps left of my map fabric that I just can't get any more of ... and I thought it would be a great opportunity to do another GIVEAWAY!

A while back I made a collection of custom pencil cases for various people with co-ordinates on the front. So, it goes something like this ..... according to my various analytics widgets, I am getting people visiting my site from the US, Canada, Hawaii, Scotland, South Africa and Japan. I love traveling and hearing about other people's adventures.

Guess where these co-ordinates lead you ...

But the short story is, I want to know more about you all!

Dimensions of the pencil case for the give away!

Tell me 1) where you in the world and 2) what interests you about my blog, and you will go into the draw for a longitude/latitude pencil case with your custom co-ordinates on the front and map fabric on the inside. Easy!

Entries into the prize draw go something like this ....
  • One entry for every comment on this post.
  • PLUS, if you comment about my giveaway on your blog, I will give you two additional entries! But you have to tell me about your post in your comment.
The draw closes 31st July 11.59pm Melbourne time! So there area few weeks to enter into this draw!

I so look forward to reading all about where people are from, what interests them about my blog and even if you have been to Australia! So come on Comment!


free indeed said...

I live in a beautiful part of the state of Maine in the USA. I don't see the coast way up here in northern Maine, (it is only 5 hours away though), but we have lush valleys and hills here. It's quite humid and the undergrowth thrives. Anything we plant grows, but our winters are so cold that many plants don't survive. We had an unusually cold winter and I lost my grape vines to winter kill. :( I like your blog just because we have many of the same interests...crafts, recipes and family. I like learning of other areas of the world and different cultures and thought.

Your Cheeky Monkey said...

I am on the Gold Coast in Qld. I like your blog because of all the quirky crafty type things :)

Your Cheeky Monkey said...


Renee G said...

I live in Washington State in the U.S. We're known as the evergreen state, and certainly most of our native trees are evergreens. Our state has a little bit of everything. We have a coastal rain forest, numerous mountains, and a flat, somewhat dry central area of our state. In eastern Washington we have four distinct seasons, and summer right now has daily highs of around 80
I like your blog because I love everything crafty. Plus it's always nice to hear what people are doing that aren't in my backyard.

Aik said...

Hi Margaret,

Is this giveaway open worldwide?

1) where are you in the world

2) what interests you about my blog?

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Carapace said...

I'm from Texas! Central Texas, where the woods and hills are just starting to turn into scrub and flat. It's some of the most friendly landscape on Earth, if you don't count the heat. Of course, if you don't count the heat (105 F in the shade, today!) you're liable to pass out from heatstroke in the middle of your daily walk. So do count it!:D

I love my homeplace--it overdoes everything!

I like your blog, because I'm nosy about what other artists get up to!:D


Margaret said...

Yes of course the give away is world wide! That is the whole idea, to get to know my readers from around the world. So post away!

Chloe said...
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Morphologica said...

1) Australia

2) Your blog interests me because you want to give me a special pencil case...awwwwwwwwww :)


Ange Moore said...

1) I'm in Hobart so a bit further south than you!!

2) I originally became a follower because of one of your other giveaways but now fnd myself enjoying your market posts because we don't have the same Indie craft scene here that is happening in Melbourne!

melanie said...

Is that where you live? Long way out of Melbourne!
I live at -22.820744,153.925774.
Your blog is interesting because you're a DUSTer and you want to give me a pencil case!

Anna said...

I live in Hawthorn East, in Victoria, Australia. I'm interested in your blog because I'm not very creative when it comes to handmade goodies, but I want to be... so I look for inspiration amongst the blog circuit. :) And you make/link to so many cute little things.