Monday, 1 June 2009

What do you enjoy reading on Kaos?

While catching up on the 100's of posts that I missed while sick I noticed that Tall Poppy has a post about a Blog planner and calendar that she stumbled upon in her travels. The idea is to keep track of your posts and the topics to make sure that you have a well rounded blog. For those people who like to plan then post, this tool looks like a good one ... thank-you Tall Poppy for another great link!

Personally I don't have the time to micro-manage my blog to that extent. I tend to spontaneously blog and post, but lately I have been trying to space out my posts using the scheduled function of Blogger. What this means is that you won't get four posts from me all at once. I might space them out over the days when I know I will be working hard and I might not have the time to blog.

Since I am in such a reflective mood, goals for my blog for the rest of the year:
1. More consistent posts at least one every day.
2. Contributing content to the blogsphere, thoughts and ideas. I don't want to contribute waffle!
3. Build up loyal readers and understand what they want me to write about.

So then I ask you all ... what do you want me to write about, or what do you enjoy reading?


Jessica said...

For me I read craft blogs mainly for inspiration - so keep up the good work with all the photos of your work, seeing what people make encourages me to try new things.

CurlyPops said...

I like blogs that have a bit of everything - craft, food, day to day life... just like you do.

Anonymous said...

The blog planner is great. I, too, tend to wing it when i blog. I post when the inspiration grabs me. This tool is great, though, when I blog for clients. It keeps me focused and on track to a certain goal.

Trust me, I am not that organised with my own blogs!