Thursday, 4 June 2009


This flashmob "Do Re Me" at Antwerp Train Station came via a friend on Livejournal. So uplifting and such a happy start to the day watching it. Technically it isn't flashmob as they actually re-hearsed it, but wouldn't it be wonderful to watch it and know that they won't repeat their performance. Or be involved in something like that! What fun!

I wonder if there is such a thing as Flashmob for people that crochet or do craft? Is there an International Day of Craft or something similar? There has to be an opportunity somewhere to do a mass "Granny Square" sit in at Flinders Street station ...

Many years ago, my husband and I took part in a Spencer Tunick Photo in Melbourne as part of the Fringe Festival. Up at 4am and headed down to the entertainment presinct, we then stripped off and lay naked on the oh-s0-very-cold Tram tracks. There were three poses throughout the very cold morning. It was such a terrifying and also satisfying event to be involved in. It certainly took both of us out of our comfort zone.

International Day of Crochet is on the 12th of September according to Jimbo. Not sure how legit, but it sounds good enough for me!

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Jennie said...

That made me so happy!

I signed up for the Spencer Tunick thing but didn't go along - it was WAY too cold that morning! I've always regretted not being part of it.