Saturday, 17 January 2009

Quilt for Wigglesworth

I finally finished a baby quilt I had been working on. I was hoping to have it finished last Sunday for the baby shower, but the universe clearly wanted me to take my time with it. The new parents to be have the quilt so now I can talk about it.

When I walked into my local patchwork store last week with a sample block, the lady in there teamed me up with some teal coloured backing fabric to go around the quilt. But when I got home I re-thought what I would be backing the quilt in and decided on the black and white. It was more "me" .... less old lady quilt. I'll use the teal to make something else for someone else ...

I started off with the freebee "bee" embroidery file that I downloaded from Secrets of Embroidery, and when I was happy with that, I downloaded the other bee's. I love bee's and for an unborn baby when I don't know the gender, bee's tend to go with both boys and girls.

I was laying out the four bee blocks on the kitchen table wondering whether to make another two bee blocks, when my daughter was watching Playschool and they were singing the "bee" song, so I thought I would work that into the design. I have Embird on my workroom laptop, so it was quite easy to do the writing in the font I wanted.

It is probably cheating doing most of this by machine, rather than by hand, but I am rather happy with the overall result of the quilt. Of course, it is a protoype, so mistakes mistakes, but I won't tell you what they are!

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Anonymous said...

It's my Wigglesworth who is the lucky recipient of this glorious quilt! Margaret can barely do it justice with these photos...the detail is beautiful and the construction is sharp and precise. My grandma is a long time, award-winning quilt maker and i can't wait to show her this quit...she'll be impressed! It's is family heirloom material, for sure. :-)