Sunday, 29 March 2009

Home Spun Threads and ideas

The one thing that I seem to be good at is coming up with ideas to fill my days ... via I came across Home Spun Threads Patterns and Tutorials, not a good thing to look at just before school break! In particular:
  1. I'd like to have a go at the Kimono shoes, just need to work out the right kind of fabric to use. The firefly booties look cute and I should have known about them before the earth hour party that we went to at Beky's.
  2. The hanging Tote looks like a great idea for when you are collecting mail for someone .... you could just give them the tote to fill while you are gone complete with pockets for contact numbers etc. We are currently collecting mail for the next door neighbours and we have hung behind our door an old paper bag ... these look a lot better!
  3. Need to have a go at making a wallet one of these days with all my funky fabrics! Now that I have a new delivery of D-Rings ... I could do something interesting.
  4. Wrist rattle looks like an easy warm up sewing task. with the right backing it could instantly transform itself into a wrist pin cushion.
  5. Patchwork placemat reminds me that I have to make a PVC lined placemat for Tori's place at the table .. and the floor ... and the wall.
Too many ideas not enough time!

But with so many ideas on the net, why do I feel an overwhelming need to have the physical book in my hand? The new Meet me at Mike's book has just been released and I am looking forward to eventually getting myself a copy. There is also a cute one out called Softies (and I think Softies part two!), and I lust after the Amy Butler books that I don't have.

There is just something about sitting there with a nice cup of tea or coffee and flipping through a well designed craft book with a notebook beside me sketching ideas. Surfing on the net is good as well, but I find that when I am online, I tend to be multitasking Reading a book for me tends to be a singular task only.

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CurlyPops said...

There are so many fabulous things on Whip Up. I have soooo many bookmarks and never enough time to try them all out!