Thursday, 19 March 2009

Worn Wild Adventures

I almost feel back to normal after a week of kaos!

Firstly, my brother moved back in with us for a few days before heading off to Japan, secondly I had the Worn Wild Alternative Market to prepare for and thirdly *drumroll* a crown on one of my molars fell off half an hour before I actually started the market. So I braved 5 hours of a market on whatever pain killers I could find ... What a week! In between all of that, teaching, report writing and of course Tori!

So some piccies from the event ... it was a worthwhile exercise and I have so many posts to make on all the lovely stuff that was there!

A bit of a no-brainer, my stand with my hand made sign that I made while doing the Northcote Night Market last year with the lovely Angelica from Jellibat. My "stand" was a 70cm x 70cm table situated "just" outside under an awning. As the day got darker and wetter I slowly inched inside. I warned the people next to me that if it started to rain, I would be dragging the table inside. I didn't want to deal with damp stock.

Some new pouches and coin purses for people to buy.

I used my embroidery machine to make these large pouches out of velveteen with purple embroidered bats on them! Have to make more for my etsy shop! The skull and wings design pencil case got snapped up rather quickly!

I also had my first Gocco screen printing adventures there as well! My first t-shirt and I made some pouches/clutches big enough for money, keys mobile and other bits. Nice wristlet and some groovy lining. I think I had them priced a bit too high ... lots of interest, not much nibbles!

My task for the next week is to update my store and ship out a few orders that are nearly finished. If only my jaw would stop aching!

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Anonymous said...

The printing looks good...looking forward to seeing more!