Saturday, 28 March 2009

New Kaos on Etsy

I have some new uploads on etsy that I thought you might like to see .... what is that! Upsey Daisy!

After losing too many soft toys and sippy cups while strolling down Brunswick Street, I decided to utilise some modernish technology to prevent the loss of a loved one again. I managed to get a hold of some skull and crossbone ribbon and voila! A cute little Toy Saver!

I normally just sell these at markets, but they are too cute! The last time we lost a loved one was while visiting the Little Creatures Beer Hall on Brunswick Street. Highly recommended!

Tori has decided that she just likes to eat mayonaise at the Beer Hall!

I had a few lengths of this fabric left and decided that they would be a gorgeous flannel winter wrap! I edged it with purple (Tori has a red edged one). I have only done one of these, there are scraps left, but not sure what I am going to do with them yet. Bibs maybe?

On a business note, I have hooked upto Technorati in a vain attempt to get more traffic to the blog! But the service also does this really cute key word image on my blog that I quite like. The more people link to my pages, the more "ratings" I get, the more sales, the more creations!

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