Thursday, 26 March 2009

My shoes are getting bigger!

I had a lovely woman on etsy that conversationed me this morning asking if I would make a size 0-6 months of the "happy skull" shoes. She reflected that her daughter loved them! To which I said, well let's see if I can make some larger pairs. Her daughter is a girl's size 12.

So the questions for me are .... ... do I use the same "style" for older kids? ... larger kids means more durable soles ... do I try and obtain proper slipper soles for older kids? ... if I do this will I be opening myself upto doing adult sizes???

When I make the little shoes, I obviously "fussy cut" the fabric to position the skull on the shoes. It looks so cute on the smaller sizes, but will it translate to the bigger sizes? Do I need to come up with my own skull designs for older shoes? Lots of food for thought.

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