Tuesday, 31 March 2009

New Shoes on Konstant Kaos!

I have just uploaded more shoes (and other things) to the etsy shop. Firstly another pair of bat booties for baby! In a lovely turquoise colour, this fabric is from the Japanese manufacturer Kokka and it is a lovely linen blend to work with. I only have scraps of this one left, so it is definately a rare make.

The second pair is more of a fun print! Hundreds and Thousands Baby shoes!blue with coloured dots. Not sure if I can remember why I bought this fabric, but they look really cute! I wish I had more of this fabric.

The third pair is another Choo Choo train pair of shoes, this time in 18-24 months! For the larger train driver in your live

Hmmm toasty toes!

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