Thursday, 26 March 2009

To Do Lists

Just a short note to the crafters that are following me, check out Whip up if you haven't already. Lots of ideas for lovely projects (as if we need more) and lovely links!

As for me ... I have to leave the house to do my part time teaching job in about 3 hours, so I have to work like hell to get some overdue projects started and finally finished. Tori is off at childcare and I am treasuring being at home on my own for just a brief moment .... and now for a cute picture (can you tell I am in a photography club?).

Current to do list ....
  • Shoe order for a very patient shop owner
  • Some more japanese pouches and wristlets as samples for another retail shop to consider
  • Presents for a special girl turning 3, not quite sure what to make yet ... but the birthday is sunday!
  • If I feel like it, starting to finish the gothy quilt I am doing, batting and stippling.
  • Working on a quilt for a young girl as part of the bushfire appeal. This project is a larger one yellows, oranges on a white base. Rather nice if I do say so myself!
  • Refine my "unimportant but nice" sewing list ....
  • Finish Moo Business Card Pin Cushions and mail out pin cushions to friends.
  • Post an order to US on my way through to work at Gertrude Street Post Office (they are so nice in there!)
So lots to do and to keep me occupied and out of trouble! But before then, a quick "listen to CD clean up of the house, put on a wash, feed crazy cats ... it never stops! Who said that working part-time and from home was easier!

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