Monday, 30 March 2009

Urban Threads

My grandmother passed away a while back and I was fortunate enough to be left some money that I used to purchase my Janome 350e Embroidery Machine.

My first job (of course) was to do my daughters Baptism Gown. Flying by the seat of my pants, I embroidered a lightweight cotton to make a quite a simple dress for her on the day. Typical of me to pick a large project as the first project to do on my machine. Ever since then I have had such fun, doing all sorts of things.

I stumbled across this site last week, Urban Threads and bought a handful of their designs. I did a test sample the other night of one of their cool designs. Not quite too sure what it will turn into, may be some sewing kits with bits inside ... I am looking for some effective lining to go in these pouches.

If I get accepted to the market on the 2nd May, I will have them there for sale.
Urban Designs also have some steampunkish designs that I want to have a play with. If I combine my embroidery with my screen printing then I can come up with some unique designs for sale.

The oven is on, I am off to make scones for my mothers group.

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