Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Konstant Kaos now at Devil Kitty

I haven't posted in ages and that is mostly because I have started back teaching part-time. Although I am only working the equivalent of a few days a week, it still feels like full time when you take into consideration the fact that getting to work involves dropping a toddler off at either childcare or her grandparents! Exhausting! Now that things have settled a bit, I can get back to concentrating on Konstant Kaos during my non-teaching days.

Some good news, Konstant Kaos creations are now on sale at Devil Kitty in Brunswick Street, Victoria, Australia. This shop has so much cool Rockabilly stuff - you have to visit!

Pencil Cases, Pouches, Coin Purses and Shoes are all on display! What a buzz!

I am hoping to get a bit more shop frontage to compliment my markets and etsy shop online.

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