Friday, 27 March 2009

Crafty Buggers

I only got around to reading the Sunday Age the other night and noticed this article in it spouting how "Craft has got it's groove back". Was it ever out of fashion?

The article was quite good talking about how it is very much a lifestyle choice and it also made an interesting comment on some of the not so crafty, craft out there.

A very lovely picture of Pip on the front looking very glam from Meet me at Mikes on Brunswick Street and a picture of Gemma the gal who organised the Bushfire Raffle that my Skull and Cherry Blossom swaddle was donated to, from Kaotic Kraft Kuties.

The empowering thing for me is that you can contribute to social change by the very act of donating something that you have made or supplies for others to make things with. That is pretty powerful stuff. Make quilts not war! *chuckles*

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