Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Am I a frustrated "wanna be" screen printer

I started making baby wraps when I discovered that there wasn't anything out there that I liked. Having a girl, I was inundated with pink when Tori was born.

So, I sourced some good stamps from various scrap booking stores and off I went. The first few attempts didn't work out too well and it took me a few go's to find ink that worked well with stamps and also washed well in the machine. After lots of trial and error we found some fabric paints that worked well.

The Buzzy Bee was my first stamped swaddle and I am still making them for others. I guess I am frustrated "wanna be" screen printer ... I still look for stamps that will work and put them together in a unique way to create one off baby swaddles.

Here are some of my most recent creations, they are still not finished. I am deciding on the colour of edging to go around the outside and I have to wash and press them for etsy, but I thought I would share. Firstly, robots ... I love robots ....

Secondly, Skulls and Bombs (not sure if this one works well). Will probably do a red edging to this one.

Finally, inspired by my husband who likes to play with toy tanks .... the Tank wrap ... I am doing a Burgundy edging on this one I think (or orange?), what do you think?

I want to get a hold of some black fabric as I think that the designs would work well on black as well. Especially the robots stamped white on black ... or maybe I should get red fabric. Potential, potential!

As for the screen printing ... one day ... one day!


Anonymous said...

*Pokes* I'm Amanda's friend Shea, we've been introduced once or twice I think...

Just dropping in to say hi "Hi". I've been watching here for a bit now.

emma said...

I think orange would work really well with the tank one, they look gorgeous!