Thursday, 23 April 2009

Crochet record cover anyone?

But the most exciting thing that I found this morning was the "Myart" Evening Bags crochet pattern book *bounce*
Closer inspection of the book reveal lots of little things to crochet that I am sure my grandmother used to make for me. Does anyone remember the crocheted coat hangers?

When I was looking at records at Camberwell Market last sunday, the stall owner asked me whether I knew what they were! Crochet record holder anyone? I am sure a simple strap could make this into a nice little bag. Do you want me to post the instructions?

The most exciting find was the string bag. I think I might do some of these. I have some red cotton thread I can use!

Ahh more projects to add to my "nice but not important" to do list!


Princess kirstie jane said...

Love the record cover. Why? Why make them I mean not why I like them- I like them cause I just do. If I could crochet I would make one.

Jessica said...

Good grief a crochet record cover..! (and there I was thinking I had seen most of the weird and wonderful things you can make with crochet)