Friday, 10 April 2009

Developing a Market Bag

I have been working on a 'market bag' to sell in my etsy shop. Big enough for wallet, deep enough for a water bottle and various bits and pieces that you would take to a market.

I decided to use some of the material that I used for the pinafore for Sarah as I had some left over fabric and also some left over petals. So I did a bit of quilting and applique to refine my technique and voila ...

I still have to finish it with some stiffening around the mouth of the bag, put in a magnetic snap and I think I might put in some more robust straps with some glides and rings and some plastic on the bottom to give it shape. Of course it could have a zip in it, but for the purpose of working with a new shape, I am just going to put in a snap. What do you think? Comments?


Anonymous said...

Cute! If it were mine, i think i'd like the zip closure...when i'm in a crowd, i'm conscious of my bag having a gaping opening, in case someone pinches my wallet. Or maybe a smaller inside pocket with a zip, for the wallet/phone? And a wider strap will be more comfortable when i load up the bag with goodies from the market! Love the applique!

Anonymous said...

Ditto, after my recent experience I want to zip all of my bags closed!