Thursday, 16 April 2009

Morning Distractions

The cats are upstairs sleeping on my bed all wrapped up and cosy.

Even though the day is looking a bit overcast, it is still looking like a glorious day. Andreas dropped Tori off to childcare nice and early and then he came back home and we sat down to breakfast. I can't remember the last time we did that. I have have a full day of sewing ahead of me and I am going to try not to be distracted by the ideas and sewing jobs on my "Not Important But Nice" sewing list. These are the non-paying jobs or product development ideas that I have.

I have been distracted by a few interesting sites last night and this morning ...
  • I am slowly registering my presence on a variety of web sites. Reading through the interesting blog of Assential Scrapbooking, I came across the link to Bub Hub. So I have applied for advertising in this space. Jenny's site on scrapbooking is quite interesting and I am enjoying reading about her journey into the online world, as it mirrors my adventures!
  • Simone Walsh handmade jewelry. Her stuff is just divine, truly divine. I love these Victorian cut out earrings and similar styled jewelry.
  • I spent far too much time last night strolling through The Design Files .. lots of interesting things in there!
  • AGIdeas Conference looks like something I could benefit from, unfortunately I have to work on those days, but there are some interesting names in there that I might get distracted by later on. The business "advantage" keynote could be something worthwhile.
  • Meet me at Mikes twitted about this book - "The creative family". Might be something to check out. The funny thing was that I had a conversation about this very topic yesterday.
Another cup of tea and then into the sewing ....

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